Founder and Editor:
Christopher Alex Chablé

Christopher Alex Chablé is a writer and translator living in St. Louis, Missouri. His poetry has most recently been published in Bad Shoe. He has several articles forthcoming in publications of ABC-CLIO and is a contributor to Indigenous Peoples’ Issues and Resources. He is also a regular translator for the Yucatec Maya blog Digital Yóok’olkaab.

Associate Editors:
Andres Rodriguez Delgado

Andres has previously served as the prose editor for the literary magazine Windfall and as a managing editor for the newspaper The Monitor, both student publications out of Truman State University.  He is excited for the opportunity to help develop the literary record for Latinos in the Midwest.

Isidor Acevedo

Isidor is a freelance copy editor and writer. Though he frequents Saint Louis, Missouri, he resides in rural Illinois.